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$9/extra page

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Place Your Best Foot Forward

Editors and copyeditors put the necessary spit and polish on the raw work of authors. They make content more readable, more accessible and less demanding. They help you improve the clarity of your writing and reduce the number of errors in your pages. They bring your articles up to professional publishing standards, making them easier for your readers to digest. A good editor and copyeditor should be able to make reading your work nearly effortless.

If you're a researcher planning to self-publish your paper or upload it to the web, we can help. Scientific journal articles are often very difficult to follow and must adhere to notoriously stringent publishing standards. CreativeSCS has been subcontracting copyediting services from major scientific publishers since 2003. We can copyedit your paper to conform to the house styles of well-known scientific journals, enhancing your impact and helping you make the best possible impression.

If you're a writer planning to publish a book by yourself, you might benefit from our editing services. Before sending your work to online printers like or Xlibris, have us review it so we can help refine your manuscript to the same level of quality you find in books produced by major publishers. A good manuscript needs a good editor to smooth out the bumps and polish the rough edges, to make sure it reaches its full potential. CreativeSCS can provide you the services needed to turn your diamond in the rough into a literary jewel.

Increase your impact. Take advantage of our expertise. Avail of our copyediting and editing services and see the world of difference they can make.

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